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New book for sale in August:

Remembering Our Way : Illustrating Our Human Energy.

Bringing body energy down to earth

Remembering Our Way; A Practice for Living in Light is a book about our bodies, our energy and our creativity, and how by using our creative energy we can live in a more balanced and healthy way.

Remembering Our Way: A practice for living in light

This book is a product of years of working with the body and our energy systems. It is both a bodyworker’s and artistic perspective of looking at our health and happiness.

In it I introduce Functional Energy, in which I Illustrate Human energy.

I am self publishing this book. If you are interested in reserving a copy, please contact me through this website and I will take down your information (I will not share your info), and ship you out a copy.

Please see the Art Energy tab in the menu above to learn more about this project. I look forward to sharing this work with you. I find it a fun, positive, and down to earth approach to learn about the way we live in the world.

An excerpt from the book Remembering our way:

Energetically we are all equal

In our energetic world, we are worth just as much with or without our stuff, our job, our diplomas, our car, or our family name. There is nothing wrong with stuff, and cars, and money and houses, but none of these things change our energetic value. Our energetic value is the same as all others. Energy has no race, color, sex, tax bracket, or political affiliation.

 Additionally, our level of influence on the world has nothing to do with anything outside ourselves, or even that much to do with our wonderful but fleeting physical strength.

Energetically we all have the same amount of power and influence over others. Our true personal power and influence are not something we own, but are completely dependent on how well we open to and utilize the energy around us.

Truly powerful, influential people are not arrogant or bossy; they exude a quiet confidence to which others are drawn and in which we instinctively trust, because it is balanced, and does not seek to dominate others.

‘The meek shall inherit the earth’ is literally true in the energetic model; letting go of our identity and instead opening to all around us with humility, grace, and acceptance give us the most access to all the energy of the universe, and makes us immensely powerful and attractive beings.

Walls, arrogance, physical violence and domination and a pathological illusion of division and separation, on the other hand, give a false sense of power. This power only works for as long as others buy into it. In essence, in order for domination to work, those dominated have to accept as reality the illusion that the aggressor is projecting.

To break out of the illusion that we are in the control of others, be it a person, a job, a belief system, or even a substance, all that we have to do is wake up to the reality of our own energy. We are completely in control of our own column of energy and what we do with it. This is awakening, and liberation. We suddenly are aware of where we are, in our own energy and in our own personal power. It is the most simple but at the same the most profound change a human being can go through energetically.

For those who are trying to control others, maintaining an illusion of supreme power, which is done through bullying, intimidation and fostering fear in others, is not sustainable in the long run.

Trying to keep the illusion going, to keep holding our energy over others is like trying to hold and keep the ocean in check with only our own two hands. This is why regimes can only last so long; a small human is trying to control others in an unnatural way that will use up his or her energy. He or she is going against the flow of the universal energy with only the power of their mortal body and through the manipulation of other’s thoughts and beliefs, which is completely dependent on the gullibility of those who are following. The moment the followers have stopped believing in that person, that leader has lost all power over them. They are, in fact, no longer followers. They become equal in energy, equal in personal power.

This is why, in the end, peace will prevail. The natural flow of the universe goes toward no divisions, no conflict, and unification. Trying to fight that is a short lived and exhausting battle. Someday maybe us silly humans will finally give up the fight and realize this. That will be a nice day, I think.

Rolling with the changes.…….

JULY 17th 2020

Back to Boats:

(Re) Introducing Kingfisher Mobile Boat Care

Before I became a massage therapist, I spent several years in the business of refinishing wooden boats. I am donning my boat work hat again as we all switch roles for a while due to COVID 19. Instead of a massage table, the back of my car is now full of cleaning and sanding supplies. Go figure. I have done a few detailing and refinishing projects this spring and am set up to help you with your boat!

I am available to do season prep, detailing, traditional one part varnish and paint (I don’t do Awlgrip or two part epoxy coatings), and minor and cosmetic repairs on your boat. I am also expanding to include RV detailing if there is a call for it. I am insured and can provide references.

Send me a message if you have a maintenance project on your boat that you need some help with, or just don’t have time for. I will come take a look at no charge. I am in the Midcoast area of Maine.

A recently completed project: A lovely Chris Craft runabout; detailed, polished, and with newly brightened, oiled teak .


Pieces of Water is in it’s third printing!

A book of inspirational poetry and daily meditations, Pieces of Water: Reflections of Living in Light is the result of years of dream work and a daily practice of asking for guidance.

Illustrated by the author, this book is a celebration of reconnecting with our creative spark, seeing where we are, and remembering why we are here.

Order through this website or through Maine Author’s Publishing

“…I try to remember to read one of Sarah’s poems/prayers every day. They remind me of what is truly important. Her book goes with me in the car and the suitcase, and it’s always in plain view in my house. One day a friend read the visible poem on my coffee table and said, “I must have this!” That is the kind of response all my friends have. I think of Sarah as the modern day Rumi or Hafiz.”

Joy Vaughan, artist/teacher, author of Off the Edges & Outside the Lines: A guide to making meaningful personal imagery

Thanks everyone, for your support, check back soon, and stay safe and good! Sarah R.