January 2021

Quitting Recovery

A new collection of poems

Quitting Recovery, the title poem of this new poetry collection, is a tribute to the redemptive power of our creative work, a personal account of the perils of getting stuck in recovery, and a story about how giving up is sometimes the path to grace.


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This book is home-published. If you would like to order a copy, please send me a request with your address and information, in the “Contact’ box on this page. Thank you.


Don’t get caught

in your story,

in the drape and fold

of memory.

Don’t be seduced

by what you have been.

Your accomplishments,

your tragedies.

We all have

the same story.

So give up

your precious self.

Be something

brand new.

Go back

to not knowing.

But don’t feel bad

about losing you.

This other way

is better.

-from Quitting Recovery

Five Things

1. The path is eternal.

2. Everything is the path.

3. You are always on the path.

4. You cannot lose your way.

5. Knowing this helps.

-from Pieces of Water

Pieces of Water

A book of inspirational poetry and daily meditations, Pieces of Water: Reflections of Living in Light is the result of years of dream work and a daily practice of asking for guidance.

Illustrated by the author, this book is a celebration of reconnecting with our creative spark, seeing where we are, and remembering why we are here.

Order through this website or through Maine Author’s Publishing

“…I try to remember to read one of Sarah’s poems/prayers every day. They remind me of what is truly important. Her book goes with me in the car and the suitcase, and it’s always in plain view in my house. One day a friend read the visible poem on my coffee table and said, “I must have this!” That is the kind of response all my friends have. I think of Sarah as the modern day Rumi or Hafiz.”

Joy Vaughan, artist/teacher, author of Off the Edges & Outside the Lines: A guide to making meaningful personal imagery