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                                                        January 3rd, 2022

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January 2022

Quitting Recovery is a new poetry book, just out this month. It is a personal narrative poem. It is a tribute to the healing power of the creative voice, and the temptations and perils of an extended stay in the world of recovery. 
This poem predates the poems in Pieces of Water, and is in many ways the story of why I started writing and drawing in the first place. 
Quitting Recovery will be featured in the Maine Author's Publishing spring catalogue. Purchase a copy by clicking on the link 'purchase' link on this page. 

Another collection of poems, Stone Blanket, is in the works for the spring. 


As a fish is to the ocean you are to love. So swim.
Published in 2019 and in its third printing, Pieces of Water is a collection of 90 poems, which were originally self published as three books: 'Making God Soup', 'Pieces of Water', and 'Animals'. 
These spare and simple poems, many of which read as meditations or mantras, celebrate reconnecting with the creative spark, seeing where we are, and remembering why we are here.

I try to remember to read one of Sarah’s poems/prayers every day. They remind me of what is truly important. Her book goes with me in the car and the suitcase, and it’s always in plain view in my house. One day a friend read the visible poem on my coffee table and said, “I must have this!” That is the kind of response all my friends have. I think of Sarah as the modern day Rumi or Hafiz.’ – Joy Vaughan, artist, teacher and author of Off the Edges and Outside the Lines: A guide to making meaningful personal imagery’