Dear Life

Dear Life.

You annoy me sometimes.

I really wish you would let me sleep in, be a little less demanding of my time, and be a bit more generous with the wallet.
Not to complain, life, but you could be a bit more forgiving of my mistakes,
And maybe be more quiet when I am feeling tired.
I really wish you could be like the lives I see in the movies, and be perpetually cheerful and perky, and have happy quirky endings all the time.
And life, would it be so hard to provide me with the stuff I really want to eat so that when I open the fridge for the tenth time a giant bowl of chocolate pudding will just appear there on the top shelf, instead of that half bag of dried up baby carrots?
And, on that subject, life, why on earth did you make me fall in love with chocolate pudding and then take away my youthful speedy metabolism? That was just mean.

Dearest life, I really like you, but I do sometimes wish that you did not have a mind of your own. Sometimes I wish you were different. I really wish that you could see that I always know what is right, including what is right for you. You should really see error of your ways, see that I know how you should be, and comply.

But life, that being said, I know that it is not going to happen. You are you, and much as I try to make you what I want you to be, you are going to go ahead and be what you are.

And life, I know that though I roll my eyes a lot, and stomp around and swear and get whiny and cranky, I know that you are the only one for me.

And I do have to admit that you have your moments.
Like sunsets, and sunrises, and the hummingbird feeders that I put out today,
And dogs, and the ocean, and the smell of seaweed,
And the stinky unidentifiable things on the beach
that the dogs love to roll in,
so that I have to leave all the car windows open on the way home.

Clean fuzzy socks are nice,
and underwear that still has a little bit of elastic left in
the waistband.
I really like my bicycle, and the calf
That least against his mother’s flank
And watches me ride by in the morning
With his wide brown
interested eyes.

And I guess I do still get chocolate pudding
Once in a while.

So I guess I have to admit, that despite all of your
Annoying habits, your unpredictable ways,
I do like quite a lot about you.

More importantly,
I guess that you, life,
are the only one I have.
So I guess we are stuck with each other, aren’t we?

for all the complaining.
I just needed to get it out of my system,
So that I can enjoy your company again today.


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