Let Dreams Change

Let Dreams Change

Sometimes we can become trapped by an old dream.

In this time of change, don’t put blinders on once you have decided where you are going. Always see what is in the periphery too. If you find that you are being pulled in a different direction from your old dream; if you are lamenting the loss of ‘what was’, or if you are struggling to stay rigidly true to a dream that is no longer viable, rather than convincing yourself of its validity, concede your debate, and listen to what is in this new and different silence.

This is not defeat.

This is humility.

This is grace.

This is our evolution.

As the world around you changes, let your dreams change too. Don’t give up on your dreams, but at the same time, don’t allow the shrine you have put around them become impenetrable armor.

Don’t let a stale dream become your prison.

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