About Sarah

Sarah studied illustration at Mass Art in Boston, and at UNH in Durham she received her BA with the interesting but completely impractical dual degree of Lithography and Ancient Greek.

Since then she has continued to follow her love of art, dreamwork and writing and put them all together to create books. Meanwhile, to support her creative habits and avoid sitting behind a desk, she worked a myriad of jobs having nothing to do with her degree, from landscaping and working on the water to and waitressing and varnishing boats. 
In 2008 she became a massage therapist, and since then has had a full time private practice, specializing in working with elders, in memory care, nursing homes and with home bound seniors. She is trained in Shiatsu, energy work and body based trauma recovery. She increasingly incorporates her creative and dream work into her health practice, with the goal of helping others find their own creative voice. 

She studied Shamanism in a two year apprenticeship with Dory Cote, and continued shamanic studies on her own, as well as studying with Capacitar, a body-based trauma healing organization that focuses on community support and healing. 

When COVID disrupted the field of massage therapy in 2020, she went back to her former occupation as an independent contractor painting wooden boats. 

When not writing books or working, Sarah volunteers, and with her partner plays with and works on  (not necessarily in that order) old boats, old bicycles, old motorcycles, an old motor home, and old dogs. 

She lives in Midcoast Maine.