The Art Energy Project & Functional Energy

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  • Bringing creativity and energy back to the body
  • Illustrating energy
  • Bringing energy ‘down-to-earth’

I believe that we underestimate the amount of control that we have over our own human energy and how we can utilize our energy in the world. Now more than ever, we all need to learn how to make ourselves feel better and balance our bodies and our energies in order to better deal with anxiety and fears. We need to start taking better care of ourselves, others and the earth; and now we have to do it all without the benefit of touch. It is a tall order.

But I believe we can do it. We just need to get creative.

Remembering Our Way: A practice for living in light:

Illustrating Human Energy

Remembering Our Way: A practice for living in light

Remembering Our Way is a workbook that introduces Functional Energy, Art Energy Project, and illustrates human energy. The goal of this book is to bring our human energy ‘down to earth’ and explain how we can each become more aware of, responsible for, and have access to, our own energy, through illustration, metaphor, stories and simple examples.

Introducing Functional Energy

Functional Energy

Functional Energy is a creative and interactive visual language that I have created to people better understand and work with their own human energy. Using materials that I have developed over the past twenty years, through writing, dream-work, and my own daily creative practice. I demonstrate my ideas, how I have applied them to my own life and work as an energy therapist and provide ways that these principles can help manage our energy better in daily life.

The goal of this work is to use illustration, visualization and metaphor to help each person find energetic self-awareness and use that skill in simple, everyday ways. We then work together to use apply this to our lives, and develop individualized wellness programs.

This approach cuts through much of the mind chatter and personal stories that often mask what we label ‘emotional’ imbalances, which I believe are often due to deeper energetic imbalances. I teach that our human energy system can be approached as a very basic system that follows the rules of energy; our human energy gets depleted, overly full, or, optimally balanced at energetic ‘neutral’.  This method is a simple tool that helps us gets to the root of behavioral problems that stem from energetic depletion and energetic mismanagement.

Functional Energy is not an ‘energy therapy’ but a creative educational tool that helps people have more power and control in their own lives. Though this work is informed by 12 years of work and study as a hands-on and energy therapist, I am teaching this as an artist and a writer, not as a clinical therapist. It is a simple, fun and down to earth way to learn about our human energy systems.Through learning to recognize our depletions and source ourselves on an energetic level, we become more balanced, self-sustaining, and satisfied.

The principles of Functional Energy, when applied to daily life, relationships, work, mental illnesses, or conflicts, can help us see our own and others imbalanced behavior with more clarity, compassion, and without judgment.

The Art Energy Project: A community of art, energy & health


By coming together, we can create a support system for those who wish to expand their daily energetic creative practice.

The Art Energy Project aims to, firstly, teach the language of ‘Functional Energy’ , and secondly, to create a community network of artists, creative people, health care practitioners, and others interested in the idea of bringing creativity and healing together.

HUNGRY: On becoming sustainable human beings & learning to want what we need.

On becoming a self-sufficient human
& learning to want what we need.

HUNGRY is the title of the first section of my upcoming book, Remembering Our Way. It introduces the idea that our misunderstanding and subsequent neglect of our human energetic needs has caused much of our addictive and unbalanced behavior in our modern world.

In this chapter, I show how our modern life creates an environment that encourages unbalanced energy, how childhood energy ‘leaks’ begin, and how those leaks affect us in our adult life. Then we learn how we can address these energetic leaks through cognitive, non-pharmaceutical methods available to all of us, through creative, inspirational practice. Applying Functional Energy to our daily lives, we become less dependent on our material world, by increasing our energetic and nonmaterial access and needs, we become self-sustaining energetic beings.

Responsible Compassion:

Energy in caring for others

The Spaces Between Us:
the energy of relationship

Responsible Compassion applies principle of Functional Energy to our relationships; specifically those of caregiving, which often end up in depletion and energetic imbalances. Through helping caregivers understand how to care for others in a responsible way, we can take better care of our health care workers, our eldercare workers, hospice workers, foster parents and other caregivers, as well as those of us who care for other family members. Introducing the concept of energetic health to our health care system, in particular the high burn out areas of mental health and caretaking, we could begin to take responsibility for our own resource management as workers, and in our establishments, provide support for our health care workers.

Because it requires no prior knowledge of energy healing or psychology, this work is easily adapted to any group.  It is applicable to all settings for those who wish to improve their self knowledge, but it could be especially useful for those in the marginalized populations, as a tool in recovery, mental health, PTSD, correctional facilities, domestic violence, etc. It is a way to teach people how to heal in a light, engaging and interactive way.

By seeing our lives through the energetic lens, we can being to live more peacefully and sustainably with each other and our earth.

Harnessing the power of creative energy.

Creating Your Daily Practice

Taking the language of Functional Energy a step further we make a daily creative practice. Our creativity is our ‘jet fuel’ of human energy. It is the way that we take our potential energy and make it kinetic; used in our daily lives. The goal of this work is to allow each of us to become our optimal selves, by using our power of creative energy to unify our body, mind and energy system in daily life. When we are fully integrated in this way we are able to do our work well, maintain our resilience, and live less fearfully. We are able to synthesize our energy and become fully functional energetic and physical beings.

The Star of Service: becoming energetic synthesizers

By bringing all of our energetic elements together, we find not only our joyful work, but our service to the world.

Through individualized creative practice, we can help solve many of the mental and physical imbalances that we suffer from in our modern world.By making your own individualized creative practice, each of us can find the ways that we connect with and integrate our energy every day.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you! Sarah R.