The Dream World

There is something valuable in our dreams, a voice that calls us out to pay attention and guide us back to our authentic selves.


Since she was very small, Sarah had very vivid and adventurous dreams. She started writing them down and making images of what she saw there. About twenty years ago she started collecting these words and pictures in what she calls her ‘dream book’.

As she recorded her dreams she found that she was increasingly able to bring her aware and awake mind into the dream world, to approach the creatures and figures in her dreams and interact with them, ask them questions and direct her adventures.

Around 2010, the word Shamanism kept showing up in her dreams. She didn’t even know what the word meant, but she began learning about it. She attended a two year apprenticeship with shaman Dory Cote, and continued learning about and practicing shamanism to guide her work and life since then.

Sarah’s dreams and journeys are a source of inspiration and guidance all aspects of her work.

Her writing and artwork are very much a direct product of this practice.

Our dreams are the playground and the canvas for our inner artists, players, and our younger selves.

By paying attention to our dreams, we access a wisdom and a power that is much more than what we ‘think’ we are.