Five Things from Pieces of Water
Making God Soup from Pieces of Water

Crashing Down Days

These crashing down days

Where you can feel

Even your bones drooping

Are not just days to get through.

Before pills and light bulbs and television

You humans would in winter

Sink low in the darkest days

And learn of yourself at your very least,

Blind to the sun and shadowless

As the sun is, for a time, blind to you.

You know that you will come back up

You always do

Like a frog from his chilly bed

In spring sun blinking.

So do not hasten hibernation.

Instead in this long night stay sunk and

Frog paddle through your ancient mud

And find the lumps and fossils

That hold the truth of who you really are

When there is nothing bright about you.

from Pieces of Water


Spring sinks
in the cold night.

In the morning
spring rises.

The heat of the sun
pulls us to heaven.

The chill of the moon
presses us to earth.

Sweet sap

hung white buckets
of pale moonlight.

Clouds of steam and heat
rise from damp leaves.

Spotted salamanders
under mossy rocks

wake up.

Seasons change
reduced by fire

water of life
full of the woods

an amber jar;

in chaos,


in the end

the sweetest things
on this earth.


Back up.
It is not about you.

Back up.
It is not about your story.

Back up.
It is not about your country.

Back up.
You are not alone here on earth.

Back up.
The sun and moon are now below you.

Back up.

You are in a universe
Inside of a bigger universe

Inside of yet another swirling universe,
Teeming with earths,

Just like ours.

When you back all the way up

You can then look down
On our little glowing globe

With its colors and clouds
And tiny blinking lights.

You do not need
to be an astronaut

To get perspective,
To have an epiphany.

We are tiny precious beings,
But we must back up

And rise above
To see it all

As though
We were God

Looking down
On ourselves.


Harness the devil
That devil of doubt
That hangs heavy behind you
When your faith has run out.

To harness the devil
All you must do
Is begin using him
As he has used you.

The mule that hangs back
Reduces your speed
Is the one who will pull you
If given the lead.

This mule is not evil
He is not against you
He’s just following orders
From your point of view.

Turning around
Is all that it takes
To turn into momentum
All stubborn mistakes.

It is easy enough
To loosen your binds:
Your freedom lies in you,
Not outside your mind.

The force it has taken
To struggle and fight
Is the same force that guides you
Back into your life.

So harness your devil
Give him his head.
With the power of doubt
You will find faith instead.

Whitewall from Pieces of Water